We are FG Parker & Co Ltd

F.G. Parker & Co Ltd has specialised in the production and preparation of profile wrapped mouldings and furniture components for nearly thirty years and now can supply whole finished kitchen carcases through its state of art cut and edgeline.

Services / Kitchen Carcases & Cabinets

The Phase-3 Cabinet: Affordable quality from Top to Bottom

  • Egger Board
  • Egger Edging
  • Edged with PUR Glue
  • Blum Draws
  • Blum Hinges
  • Solid Back
  • Solid Feet
  • Fully Assembled by hand
  • Individually packaged
  • FSC Certified
  • Short Lead Times
  • Adaptable to your requirements
  • ISO9001 Certified
  • Pre-installed Storage Solutions

Our aim: To offer a reliable and affordable solution to the independent kitchen retailer to give an even playing field against the large kitchen retailers using the Phase-3 cabinet, quality manufacturing by a family run company.


Quality is at the forefront of everything we produce; starting from the very bottom with high quality feet between the cabinet and the floor, ensuring the best components are used such as Blum soft close hinges and Tandembox Drawer systems used as standard, to using solid 18mm backs all the way to the top, each cabinet is built to a high specification, with the flexibility to be disassembled to get around unforeseen problems when installing! Each cabinet has been individually inspected for quality before being packaged ready for transport, so you can guarantee it’s a high quality product received each time, every time!

All of F G Parker’s Cabinets are made out of Egger 18mm MFC (alternative materials can be sourced upon request). We exclusively use genuine matching Egger edging, and only apply using the best PUR glue for both heat and moisture resistance.

Our Standard (Stock) colours are:

Medium Oak Light Oak Light Grey White Titanium


Bringing in full loads regularly from Egger allows us to support any colour 18mm MFC that Egger are currently producing at the best prices. Egger is well known for the quality of their board and the vast range of decors. We can use many different Egger colours as we also hold TYPE 1 wrapped foil matches to the Egger decors, allowing us to add solid 60x36 centre posts and/or mullions to our cabinets.

This also ensures we’re not limited to just simple colours like other carcass suppliers, meaning we can produce the entire carcass ourselves on site. If you have a specific colour requirement that you use regularly please discuss this with us, as we’re always open to increasing the range of our stock colours where demand dictates!


All our cabinets come with Blum soft close hinges as standard. They also come with all additional fittings required to provide a complete unit, including (but not limited to) hinges, feet, screws etc.

Our Drawer units come with Blum Tandembox as standard; these are prefitted and individually checked prior to leaving our site.

Our upgradable option is Blum Legrabox (other drawer systems are available upon request), where we are also happy to only pre-drill the unit, or supply the drawers fully fitted. This allows you to source the Blum drawer boxes directly yourselves should you wish to. We are happy to also quote for the drawer boxes direct from our PWS and Blum accounts; like our Tandembox units, these would come fully fitted and individually checked prior to leaving our site.

We also can supply Push-to-Open using Blum Tip-On range, in both Legrabox for drawers and Tip-on pistons inserted in the carcass for doors.


Leadtimes of carcases/units is 2-3 weeks, if you require an urgent delivery please do not hesitate to ask - we manufacture to order but are always happy to help!

Frontals/Doors etc.

We work closely with PWS designing all of our cabinets on their door Matrix. We have a direct account and can supply their products, or we are quite happy to supply just cabinets to fit their products if you have a direct account already.

We can drill the doors on your behalf, they can be sent in to us for drilling we will quality check them and repack them ready to go back out with the cabinets.

FGP Doors

With the ever-growing demand for a highly economical kitchen that has not compromised on quality, we are able to offer a wide vary of cut+edge’d doors manufactured in house, using the latest materials.

Using our extensive distribution network, we are able to offer all the latest Egger UK/IE decors, as well as a wide variety of other manufacturers.

We can offer these not only in matching standard door and end panel sizes, but also specific sizes dedicated to your individual site where required, reducing the amount of labour required to install the kitchen itself to your build.


Pull outs and internals

F G Parker deals with Kesseböhmer systems directly through their UK importer - PWS; if you need us to predrill the holes in to the carcass this is also an option, and we can also fit the pullouts in before they leave our site. We are happy to put in other systems and create the specific drilling for them.

Buying from FG Parker

We only deal direct so there is no middle man; we are set up on EQ (Easy Quote) with our 3 cabinet catalogues available to download. You would simply choose your carcass colour (please state this if non standard), choose your cabinets, and you will receive an order confirmation for each selected cabinet, including our expected delivery date.

Don’t have EQ? Don’t fear! We can send you over our price list in an excel format, making it simple to look up a price quickly. Not only this, we can also set you up on our internal system, and add in any product codes you use so this will match up precisely with our own internal codes.  We can set your company up with your own volume based discount to give you the best possible rates to allow you to truly compete on the cabinet front!

If you can’t find a cabinet within our range, please speak to our development team who will be happy to assist, as we are regularly looking to improve upon our current range!

Bespoke/Custom Requirements

F G Parker can cater for a wide variety of requirements to ensure that we are meeting your customer’s needs, by offering a more tailor made unit/service. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in size of the unit (Width, Height, or/and Depth)
  • Changes to the void at the back (such as if you want to remove the void completely)
  • Changes to the location of drilling on the unit (such as hinge location to match your pre-drilled doors)
  • Adaptions to the drilling of the unit (such as for alternative hinges / runners)
  • Additional drilling to the unit (such as adding pre-drilled holes for installation of internals, be it pull outs, bins etc.)

The pricing for these will be explained in the excel pricelist which we will be happy to send you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please bring this up with one of our sales representatives who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Cabinets / Units

Each section will refer to a cabinet number in our price list - this will work for Standard (Lay-on) cabinets, Handleless, and In-Frame catalogues and price lists.

Please contact us directly and we will be happy to send over our most up-to-date price list.


Section 1: Accessories (Shelfs/Wine/Storage) Section 2: Sink Units
Section 3: Drawline Units Section 4: 3 Draw Units
Section 5: 2 Draw Units Section 6: 4 Draw Unit
Section 7: 5 Draw Units Section 8: Base Corner Units
Section 9: Curved Units (Base/Wall)  Section 10: Highline Base Units
Section 11: Slimline Base Units Section 12: Half Base Units
Section 13: Base Oven Housing Units Section 14: Medium Height Larder Units
Section 15: Tall Height Larders Units Section 16: Half Wall Units
Section 17: Corner Wall Units Section 18: Standard Wall Units
Section 19: Tall Wall Units Section 20: Tall Wall Corner Units


This will be priced dependent on Area. Please ask a sales representative for more details.‚Äč