We are FG Parker & Co Ltd

F.G. Parker & Co Ltd has specialised in the production and preparation of profile wrapped mouldings and furniture components for nearly thirty years and now can supply whole finished kitchen carcases through its state of art cut and edgeline.

Services / Furniture Components

At our production facility we can offer drilling, mitring, end capping, doweling and lots more processes to give you the perfect furniture component.

We produce as standard many colours (link here to colour list) to get the perfect posts for your kitchen. We hold in stock 36 x 36mm and 60 x 36mm but we can make to any specification. We can add drilling and / or cut the lengths down to fit any carcase size you require.

Drilling rails
Our specialist drilling and boring machines enable us to offer various holes drilled to any area of any sized x-tie, post, mullion, front rail and back rail. Additionally we are able to drill longer sized rails up to 3 meters long. Our rail drilling department is able to cope with high volume orders as well as small batches.

Drilling panels
Using the latest CNC drilling machines we can produce many different panels. We are able to router and cut slots in order to assist you in creating your perfect kitchen, bedroom and bath room cabinets.

Corner posts
We offer corner posts manufacture with the added option of perfect end capping. Using the exact matching foil for the end of the product ensures that the MDF ends are hidden and the post is completely matched on all faces.

Below: 60x36 mullions or centre posts for kitchen carcase