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We are FG Parker & Co Ltd

F.G. Parker & Co Ltd has specialised in the production and preparation of profile wrapped mouldings and furniture components for nearly thirty years.

Services / Edging

Using the latest technology in edging, we can edge panels, rails and doors. We can provide the complete edging service. Many colours available.

Cut and edge doors to specifications
- Any size and order quantity.

Working to your specification at our onsite production facility we produce many cut, drilled and edged products to meet your needs.

All our edging is adhered using PUR glue. The benefits of using PUR is that it provides a high strength bond and moisture resistance, additionally this type of glue offers a minimal glue line between the MFC and Edging, but ensures the product can withstand the rigors of heat and moisture over a long period of time.

We have a large range of edgings available to us from ABS to real wood veneers. Working with our foil edging suppliers we can match many colours including plain, high gloss and wood grains. Regardless of small or large order quantities we will be happy to assist with your requirements.