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We are FG Parker & Co Ltd

F.G. Parker & Co Ltd has specialised in the production and preparation of profile wrapped mouldings and furniture components for nearly thirty years and now can supply whole finished kitchen carcases through its state of art cut and edgeline.

Colour Match list

Many type 1 colour matches to Egger and Kronospan boards.

Colour Paper or PVC foil Egger Code Kronospan Code
Aida Walnut Paper  H3703  
Aluminium Paper F509  
Black Paper    
Brown Grey Paper U795  
Chateau Oak Paper H3304  
Classic Oak Paper    
Crosby Beech Paper    
Dakar Paper U717  
Dark Grey Paper   U162
Ellmau Beech Paper    
English Oak Paper H1310  
Ferrara Oak Paper H1334 D305
Ferrara Oak pvc PVC H1334 D305
Light Grey Paper    
Graphite Paper U961  
Ivory (Alabaster) Paper U104  
Beech Paper H1582  
Kirsche (cherry) Paper    
Lancaster Oak Paper H3368  
Lava Paper U741  
Magnolia PVC    
Mandal Maple Paper H3840  
Maple Paper H1521 D0375
Matfen Chestnut Paper H3713  
Minnesota Paper H1484 ST 22  
Multiplex Paper    
Mussel Paper U100  
Oyster Cream Paper U222  
Oyster PVC PVC U222  
Pear Paper H1532 D727
Pippy Oak Paper    
Porcelain White Paper    
Vanilla Paper U108  
Sand Beige Paper U156  
Snow White Paper    
Stone Grey Paper U727  
Titanium Paper F501  
Tobacco Paper H3704  
Universal Teak Paper    
Urbano Teak Paper H3070  
Warm Oak Paper    
White PVC    
Dark White Paper    
White Paper W100  
White Ash PVC    
White Gloss Paper    
Winchester Oak Paper H1381  
Wisconsin Walnut Paper    
Fabric Ash Paper   D6615
Cashemere Paper U702 ST9  
Portofino Cherry Paper    
Plaza Cashmere Paper U702 ST11  
Plaza Mussel Paper U100 ST11  
Plaza Porcelain Paper W1200 ST11  
Plaza Stone Paper U727 ST11  
Colorado Paper H3332 ST10  
Linen Atlas Paper F750  
Grey Aluminium Paper    
Avola Pine Paper H1298 ST22  
White W980 PVC W980  
Grey Bardolino Oak Paper H1146 ST10  
Snow White Paper    
Linen Grey PVC    
Halifax Oak Paper H1180  
Mist grey Paper U708  
Dust grey Paper U732