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We are FG Parker & Co Ltd

F.G. Parker & Co Ltd has specialised in the production and preparation of profile wrapped mouldings and furniture components for nearly thirty years and now can supply whole finished kitchen carcases through its state of art cut and edgeline.

Formed by George Parker in 1950, F.G.Parker and Co quickly became a leading component provider for temporary structures required by the armed forces. Continued investment in manufacturing equipment enabled the company to diversify its production capabilities to include custom-cutting and preparation of sheet materials for customers in the furniture and construction industries.

As a result of this experience and a move to a dedicated production site on the south coast, few companies were better placed to take advantage of the introduction of chipboard and then MDF materials. It was only a matter of time before a decision was made to capitalise on the advantages provided by the foil wrapping of MDF mouldings, and the first wrapping machine arrived on site in 1985.

Now managed by George Parker’s grandson, Robert, the company has built on its earlier success continuing to supply many of the country’s leading manufacturers of high quality flat-packed furniture. Today, the 20,000sq ft production plant is home to highly advanced CNC routing equipment, the very latest CAD/CAM capabilities and state-of-the-art edging, wrapping, cutting and drilling facilities, providing the flexibility and service standards required by customers all over the country.

Opening Hours: (Office and deliveries)

Mon-Thurs 9:00 - 3:00 *
Friday whole site closed

* No deliveries will be accepted outside of these hours